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Web Applications

Web Application is a N-tier architecture based application which can be accessed via internet or intranet. Shakti IT professionals are having expertise to develop secure, robust and scalable web application. Our developed web application support multiple client interaction with various application servers. Our architects also help in minimizing transaction time which always be the one important factor from the end user’s perspective (though transaction time also depends upon the hardware and the network speed).

To secure your web application we always use secure protocols like SSL and HTTPS. Your sensitive data will be encrypted before flowing on Net till stored in Database. Tokenization of URL’s is also done to ensure security in web based application.

We have successfully developed and deployed web applications in Financial, Healthcare, and E-Commerce domains. We also have expertise in developing comprehensive Web Services Solutions for connecting Healthcare Supply Chain, E-Commerce engines and detailed advertisement solutions with mobile technology.

Some important features, we are dealing with:
  • Providing secure links to proprietary customer databases.
  • Platform-independent – never worry about hooking up with different customers systems, whether existing platforms are in Unix, COBOL, J2EE or NET.
  • Build for 99.999% uptime as only dedicated and highly experienced Developer Architects can make it.
  • Deploy the entire spectrum of expertise we have in NET or J2EE, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, C#, 3rd Rail, Linux, Apache, PHP, JSP, JSF, Struts and AJAX in order to drive rich visitor experience and functionality for your customers.
  • Agile development techniques cut time-to-market to the barest minimum.
  • Distributed processing (deploying learned best practices from DB2 to OLAP, Oracle, Postgres, all the way to MySQL) and report caching for speedy response.
  • Scalable load balancing.
  • Complete every Web store or e-commerce solution with customer acquisition, logging, shopping cart, payment gateways and analytics to identify profitable repeat buyers